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My latest EP "Joseando En Exceso: Vol 2."

Joseando en Exceso: Vol 2.

Kennedy Flow

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Joseando en Exceso: Vol 2.

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About Me

Kennedy Flow is an artist/rapper from New Jersey. Kennedy fell in love with music at a young age and began writing and recording himself in his small room in the projects of Union City New Jersey. Kennedy's early influences came from old school Reggaeton and Dominican Rap. Kennedy began recording professionally in 2017 releasing his first EP "Sin Pararle" where he talks about his passion for following his dreams and living life on his terms. His mother raised him on her own so navigating through life and learning through trials and tribulations has been a challenge in his life but he has embraced every second of it. Music has been the perfect outlet for him where he can express his feelings and talk about his experiences as well as things that inspire him. In this current time we live in music is so fast paced and at times lifeless. Kennedy believes in making music with emotion and having the listener feel what he is feeling at the moment just by listening to one of his records. 

Kennedy has also recorded several other projects in his career like "La Orden" "DesAmor" "Joseando En Exceso Vol 1 and 2" and "Me Desconecte". Each Project filled with different emotions as well as a unique sound. His inspirations come from his own life, past heartbreaks, current relationships, movies, and everyday struggles/experiences. 

Music is Kennedy's true passion in life and looks to reach new fan's and continue to build strong connections with current fan's.

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